Vega Company, leader in the manufacturing of folder gluers has concluded an important market operation, buying brands, patents and know-how of the Revicart Company, in particular all the “end line” machines, the automatic collecting systems and some additional devices directly inserted in the machine, in order to offer a complete range to its customers.
“I have been hoping, for long time, a kind of synergy between our two companies, but the time was not ripe for action, but when we had the chance again in July …….we did not miss the opportunity.” Dr. Jacopo Nava, Vega Managing Director states, then  explaining the terms of this negotiation – “we are now in the position of guaranteeing the new Revicart machines, that will be included in our production range. Besides, we offered Mr. Claudio Pini, former owner of the Revicart company, to collaborate with us,  and he is now part of the Vega Team dealing with new technologies development and research tasks. However, as long as the agreement with Revicart is not defined, in the respect of such delicate interests and procedures, we will not intervene on the already installed machines, for which there are still pending procedures.

Today what we can tell to the corrugated companies and to the box makers is that whoever is willing to buy Revicart technology, can directly address to Vega company at the following new e-mail address: or call us at the following number : +39 02 99046212” Dr. Jacopo Nava concludes