Folder Gluers

Our FOLDER GLUERS, the core business of Vega for over 65 years, are entirely produced in Italy in a broad range of variations that fit the different needs of the client for the gluing and folding of boxes in all types of paperboard.

Max Width
open box
stretched cardboard grammage
180-600 g/m²180-800 g/m²300-1200 g/m²500-1500 g/m²
corrugated board thickness
folded box
10 mm10 mm25 mm35 mm
820 mmAQUILA   
900 mm POLARIS  
1020 mmAQUILA   
1100 mm POLARIS  
1300 mm    
1450 mm  RIGEL 
2020 mm   ALTAIR
2420 mm   ALTAIR
2920 mm   ALTAIR