This folder gluer for the solid and corrugated board has been manufactured to face the different gluing needs. It is perfect for the “beginners” and for whom wants all at once, or during the time to come, to add the line with additional modules and particular accessories.
Modular and flexible, the Aquila is supplied in three sizes (62, 82, and 102 cm) and it is produced in China following the Project, Drawings and knowhow of Vega Engineers. Every machine is checked and tested in the East before the shipment to Vega and then rechecked by Vega from a mechanical and electrical & electronical point of view in order to guarantee a high quality standard level to the end user.
Max Width
open box
stretched cardboard grammage
180-600 g/m²180-800 g/m²300-1200 g/m²500-1500 g/m²
corrugated board thickness
folded box
10 mm10 mm25 mm35 mm
820 mmAQUILA   
900 mm POLARIS  
1020 mmAQUILA   
1100 mm POLARIS  
1300 mm    
1450 mm  RIGEL 
2020 mm   ALTAIR
2420 mm   ALTAIR
2920 mm   ALTAIR