Pulsar is a high performance folder gluer in every production scenario, in terms of output and box change-over time, always thanks to its modularity. Positioned itself in the high-end segment of the market, the Vega Pulsar is provided in three formats 110 130 145 to satisfy the different manufacturing needs of the solid board market (180-1000 g/m²) and of the corrugated board up to EB flute.

Pulsar is designed to get the best combination between quality and performance in die cut processing: the approach to the machine is intuitive and, through the system VIS (Vega Integrated System), standard on the whole range, electronics comes to the aid of the start-ups, setting automatically the machine to glue the box and advising on the screen the operator on the tasks that must be done.

Max Width
open box
stretched cardboard grammage
180-600 g/m²180-800 g/m²180-1000 g/m²500-1500 g/m²
corrugated board thickness
folded box
10 mm10 mm20 mm35 mm
820 mmAQUILA
1020 mmAQUILA
1300 mmPULSAR
1450 mmPULSAR
1620 mmALTAIR
2020 mmALTAIR
2420 mmALTAIR
2920 mmALTAIR