RIGEL is a high-performance Folder Gluer in any production scenario, in terms of output and box change-over time. Positioned in the high market segment, Vega RIGEL was born motorized in the conveyors and it is available in two sizes 145 and 170 to meet the different production needs of the solid board market (300-1200 g / m²) and corrugated cardboard market up to the EB flute.

RIGEL has been designed to obtain the best combination of quality and performance in the processing of the blank: the approach to the machine is intuitive and, through the VIS2 system (second generation Vega Integrated System), a standard on the whole range, electronics  come in handy to the start-up by automatically setting the machine to glue the box and advising on video the operator on the operations to be performed.

Motorized modules machine, it has a wide range of accessories: from the MBA,  module to align the blank, to the E-Comm module for the application of tapes, to the innovative high-speed hook system for glued-bottom boxes and 4/6 corners , to the most innovative quality control systems with the blank ejection.  Creasing and pressure rollers complete the rich range of modules that the RIGEL can be equipped of.

Born with Industry 4.0, the machine exchanges production data with company ERPs in order to integrate into the production process at the best.


Max Width
open box
stretched cardboard grammage
180-600 g/m²180-800 g/m²300-1200 g/m²500-1500 g/m²
corrugated board thickness
folded box
10 mm10 mm25 mm35 mm
820 mmAQUILA   
900 mm POLARIS  
1020 mmAQUILA   
1100 mm POLARIS  
1300 mm    
1450 mm  RIGEL 
2020 mm   ALTAIR
2420 mm   ALTAIR
2920 mm   ALTAIR