Second Hand

The continuous innovation in Vega products brings many of our Customers to invest in the most updated solutions replacing their machines with new ones. That is why we have created a company fully dedicated in addition to the support, also to the total reconditioning of second-hand converting traded in machines. The catalogue is constantly kept updated, thus, for main information concerning our second-hand machines, please see our list below and feel free to contact our Sales Deparment.
Please contact our sales office for more information or book a visit at our second-hand center


S.L  –  Preset for straight line boxes C.L  –  Preset for crash lock bottom boxes D.W  –  Preset for double wall boxes 4  –  Preset for 4 corners boxes 6  –  Preset for 6 corners boxes

Folder Gluer - Piega Incolla

Manufacturer: VEGA Model: 750 Open Blank Max Width: 750mm S.L. C.L. D.W.

Folder Gluer - Piega Incolla

Manufacturer: REVICART Model: Faro 200 Open Blank Max Width: 2000 mm S.L. C.L. D.W. 4

Device - Dispositivo

Manufacturer: VEGA Model: VEGA 6A Open Blank Max Width: / 4