Vega Company, which celebrates 60 years of presence in the packaging market, has recently renewed the folding gluing line (solid board and micro flute) with the new VEGA POLARIS.

In order to show its total modularity, Vega has decided to present at the Exhibition in Dusseldorf a brand new Vega Polaris; in fact for this special occasion the machine will be equipped with 4 (four) brushless motors (one will be in the pre-breaking section and another one in the closing section).

This gives the chance to run very complex boxes in one lonely passage.

The model, produced in Italy, like all the rest of the Vega Line, is available in 2 sizes: 90 and 110 cm and with different configurations for the running of straight line boxes, crash lock bottom boxes, double wall boxes, 4 and 6 corners boxes. Like all the other Vega Folder Gluers, the Vega Polaris is modular and this allows to add modules according to the Customer’s production needs.

The new electronic control system of the functions of the machine, the V.I.S. (Vega Integrated Systems) allows to manage all the functions of the folder gluer by means of a multi-purpose touch screen console. The feeding of the Vega Polaris is equipped with a brushless motor which adjusts the feeding speed of the blank entering the additional M.B.A. Module (Mechanical Blank Alignment) guaranteeing its alignment and a perfect positioning for the folding phases.

The P.T.F system (Pneumatic Time Feeder) is available, as an option, and it allows to perfectly introduce the “non-uniform” blanks.


Vega can offer two correction systems of the blank inclination in one unique solution. The motorized collecting system with adjustable pressure from the bottom can vary the pressure made in three different points.

A new squaring system for crash lock bottom boxes can be installed on the collecting belt for an absolute quality. The machine is supplied in three different versions: with C.A.M. Digital encoders (Computer Assisted Make-Ready) with light display, motorized and computerized. From the console, the VIS, according to the dimensions of the blank that can be run, calculates the absolute position of the axes of the machine and it transmits it to the digital encoders, it will be then care of the operator to manually move the conveyors on the indicated position (manual machine), move them by means of a remote control (motorized machine) or charge the boxes at the feeding (computerized machine) while the axes automatically move. Like all the VEGA Folder Gluers, the VEGA POLARIS, too, is characterized by versatility, flexibility and adaptability to the most diverse production needs, confirming the historical choice of the Italian Group for quality solutions but easy to use.