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Vega will be attending the next Fefco Technical Seminar in Berlin, by the Estrel Convention Centre from 6th to 8th May.

During the Fefco Seminar we will illustrate the corrugated Vega line. In particular, the folder gluer mod. VEGA ALTAIR in the sizes: 160-200-240 and 290, the Double Feeders mod. VEGA AF and VEGA ADF and the recent automatic collecting system, mod. VEGAPACK 120.
The aim of Vega is to present a versatile product, Made in Italy and advanced in the equipment. In fact, in order to satisfy every single customer’s need, Vega has recently manufactured a special line, composed as follows: VEGA ALTAIR-R, with right side operator plus VEGAPACK 120, complete with corner able to form the parcel and strapping machine.


This extremely flexible solution allows to automate the line to take advantage of the potential of the Vega Folder Gluer. In fact, the boxes, going out from the collecting belt, are counted, separated and automatically brought in the transfer corner where the parcel is made.  Later, the parcel is transferred in the strapping group where it is squared on the 4 sides before it is bound. The collecting activities are not only limited to the American Box, but also to the glued crash lock bottom boxes and the 4 and 6 corners boxes.

During the Seminar we will illustrate this solution into details.