The Drupa presentation of the two new born Folder Gluers, the VEGA AQUILA 102 and the VEGA FRECCIA 60 , have been followed by a success in sales and customer appreciation.
The VEGA AQUILA 102, in the standard version, is complete with the accessories for running straight line boxes with the pre-breaking of the first and third creasing, crash lock bottom and double wall boxes. The machine is supplied with the squaring device in the delivery section and with a vinyl gluing system with two guns. The VEGA AQUILA is available in three different sizes : 62-82-102 and it is completely modular, as all our folder gluers.
In fact the machine can be equipped with the MBA Alignment Module, the extra module for special boxes and the 4/6 corners module. Besides, the VEGA AQUILA can be completed with all the various devices fit for running all the kind of boxes shown in our Boxes Book.

The VEGA FRECCIA 60 is the second novelty introduced on the market and it gathers all the last generation technological innovations that can be installed on a folder gluer. This machine will be completed with the MBA Module (Mechanical Blank Alignment), the PRINT CHECK Module, the Braille Module and the Inline Ejector Module for the ejection of the wrong boxes. The Print Check Module, positioned after the Alignment Module, is supplied with an Inspection System “Eye C Proof Runner “ for the total check of the printed surface of the box with a 244 dpi resolution (4k camera). The Braille Module, positioned after the Print Check Module, is completed with the XCAM BRAILLE camera for the reading and the quality verification of the Braille inscription.

After the above mentioned modules, there are the pre-breaking, the gluing and the closing sections, which will mount all the devices fit for the quality control, like the code reading device, the gluing guns reading device and the glue detector device for the left lower gluing wheel. Between the closing and the delivery section there is the inline ejection module for the wrong boxes and for the ones which are not in conformity to the quality standard.
“These new models of VEGA folder gluers will be able to fully satisfy the most varied needs of our customers, starting from the standard and simple machine up to the “full check quality control “ version, says Mr. Remo Paiola sales Director of the company.