Vega Company celebrates in 2017, 70 years presence in the packaging market as leader manufacturer of machineries to fold and glue solid board, plastic and corrugated board boxes.

In order to satisfy the requirements of the “beginners” in the gluing of solid/plastic and e-flute folding boxes market, Vega has introduced an entry-level solution: the Vega Aquila model, available in the following sizes: 62-82 and 102 cm of open box. This model, designed by Vega, is manufactured in China and checked in Italy before the shipment. The Vega Aquila is modular, to allow to be fitted with accessories even after the purchase with additional modules and devices.

To answer the most demanding market requests, Vega suggests two models in the range of 60-110 cm : the Vega Freccia and the Vega Polaris, manufactured in Italy. These models are dedicated to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food markets, equipped with modules to align the blank (MBA), to emboss the Braille and to check the print (the Printcheck). The gluing controls and the possibility to eject in line  the single box complete the equipment of the machine, together with the semi-automatic collecting systems  at the end of the line.

For big dimensions, Vega suggests the Vega Altair 160-200-240 and 290, manufactured in Italy and dedicated to the corrugated board market up to 35mm of folded box thickness and solid from 500 grs/m2.  The Vega Altair, which is modular too, is equipped with different accessories and modules and it is an example of solidity, flexibility, easy access: these features characterize the Vega engineering Style. The Vega Adf  Double Feeder, the crash lock bottom module/“high speed” 4 corners, without folding frontal hooks, the box pressure modules, the ejection and the automatic collecting  (Vega Pack 120-T1 and T2) are further equipment that can be added to this already complete product. Vega Company has its own workshop close to the  Malpensa airport where all the mechanical parts and spare parts of the machines (old and new ones) are manufactured.

All the models supplied by Vega respect the features requested by the “4.0 INDUSTRY”, for a total control of the production and of the plant.