Device studies and machinery customization

Vega activities are characterized by the founding values of the group, which allow to adapt its production processes to highly customised specific requirements, delivering the highest satisfaction to its customers through a one-to-one relationship that goes far beyond the mere concept of service.

Vega invests in real quality to create value: it delivers a bespoke service, adapts production processes, makes exceptions that become rules. The customisation of products, the bespoke service and the quick response is what allows Vega to transform company-relationships to people-relationships.

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Vega Boxes Book and some of the various boxes that can be run on our gluers.
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We guarantee quick shipments of any spare part, delivering it by DHL. The manuals of the components, which all our machines are supplied with, allow us to easily detect and to agree with the Customer the right choice of the needed spare part, even if the concerned machine is quite old. The protection of the investment of our client is important; for us is synonymous of professionality.


We make available for our Customers a functional demo-room to make tests and demonstrations of our machines and attachments. Skilled technicians will bring the Customer to the knowledge of the machines operative details making running tests with blanks suggested by the Customer himself. The direct control of the high quality of our products before the purchase is the best guarantee for the best result.


The value over time and the perfect efficiency of our machines are the primary goals of our reconditioning service that, more than providing technical advice to our Clients, it also supplies any kind of reconditioning on VEGA machines and other brands. We can also provide second-hand reconditioned and guaranteed machines at competitive prices.


We have an entire mechanical workshop to manufacture the parts needed for our machineries. The company “Meccanica Magentina”, belonging to the Vega Group, allows us to supply a product which can be serviced even after decades of service.