AF 120 • AF 160

Vega AF 120-145-165 is a machine which allows the coupling of two corrugated and/or solid board blanks die cut for the production of different types of special boxes. Created to include a corrugated board rigid inside a solid board box (e.g. detergent tubs), has further found a number of new applications for special boxes.

Basically it is a double feedeer which has to be located in front of the Client’s folder gluer (of any brand) to power it with the two blanks which, once they are glued one on the other, enter one by one in the feeding section of the folder gluer for the final stages of gluing and folding.

The machine is equipped with a hot-melt gluer system in order to combine the two halves (ex Twin Box, tray and cover) before they enter the folder gluer for further gluing and closing phases of the box.